Net Weight 508 x 508 x 203
Gross Weight 8 Kgs.
Packing (in mm) 50 Kgs.
Pelletizer 630 x 630 x 250

The Pelletizer is equipped with a tilting and locking device, which is easy to operate. This permits adjustment of the infinitely variable setting of the pan angle, over its whole range. For the cleaning of the sides as well as the bottom of the pan an adjustment scraper is provided. Parts coming into contact with the material to be processed are made of polished stainless steel. The material to be processed is fed manually, or with a metering device, if required. The tilted pelletizing pan, which rotates in a clockwise
direction, is fitted to main drive through Universal Gear (UG).

The material is brought to practically the highest point of the pan and then rolls down in an even stream, to the lower half of the pan. In accordance with the nature of the material the necessary quantity of liquid to form the pellets is added in certain places. The rolling movement and the addition of moisture causes pellets form. Due to the tilted pan and the movement of the material, the larger pellets are carried to the top surface. The size of the pellets can be influenced by the tilting angle for the pan the amount of liquid added and the method with which it is introduced. As soon as the pan is full, the pellets will continuously roll over the edge of the pan.