Dust Extractor Machine

Model CMDB-300
Electric Motor 1 Hp / 2800 RPM / 3 Ph
Filtration Area 1.343 Sq. Mtr.
Dust Storage Capacity 40 Liters.
Suction Capacity 300 CFM (500 Mtr. Cube / Hr.) at 125 mm W.G.


  • Provided with stainless steel 304 contact parts.
  • Blower fan is dynamically balanced and the unit is with castor wheels.
  • Minimizes mechanical strain, excessive wear of tableting machine – resulting in minimum machine breakdown and punch wears.
  • All inlet manifolds and dust collection tray are of Stainless Steel.
  • Four inlet manifolds facilitate to connect press machine, and two De-Dusting units.
  • Castor wheel provided for ease in mobility.

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